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Know It All Package

We understand that you are a pro when it comes to online presence. With the Know It All package, you get the best results from our equally professional team. We deliver quality designs keeping user experience in mind. You will get a ready to go website with all the ingredients in place to launch big.

Logo Design

This is where it all starts. Giving your website an identity keeping in mind that it will become a brand one day. Once you register, you will fill out a detailed logo brief and our artists will give you plenty of concepts for your logo and work with you until you are happy.

Web Page Designs

Our design team makes sure we reflect your business in a unique, accurate and professional manner. Our designers will present different concepts to choose from and work with you until your website is tailor made for your needs.

HTML Conversion

Eye catching and easy user experience is the main goal to convert website visitors into customers. We build fully responsive websites that function ever so smoothly on a desktop, tablet or on a smart phone.

Content Management Tool

There isn’t much left to say about WordPress as a content management tool that hasn’t already been said. This PHP platform is the most popular and easy to use CMS out there. It comes with thousands of options and plugins to manage your website and the thorough documentation makes WordPress extremely easy to use.

Favicon & SMI

Favorite icon is a unique identity design of your logo for your website in the address bar. We also design the social media icons that blend with your website design and are easy to locate. These icons are links to your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Contact Form

Easy to use… easy to find. We design the contact form for the visitors and make sure they find the form easily and can get in touch with you about their needs.

Photo Gallery & Video Gallery

Show off your collections in style to your website visitors. With our photo gallery, you can post pictures and add descriptions for your visitors. The video gallery works almost the same except you can easily upload videos to your Youtube or Vimeo channels and share the videos with your viewers on your website without having them to leave the website to go to other websites.

Google Interactive Maps

This map feature is added to the Contact Us section of your website making it easy for visitors to find your office locations when they are ready to visit the office.

Testimonials Section

Tell ‘em what your customers think about your work. With the testimonials section, you can post as many feedbacks from your customers on your website as you like. It is a great way to build trust and remove skepticism from the visitors mind.

Social Media Feed Integration

Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc… These are the giants of the social networking world. Why not use them to be more visible to the world? Especially if its all for free! Embedding updates from social media platforms increases visibility and engagement to the next level and increases traffic to your website.


Be it a personal website or for a business, blogging can help you attract visitors in multiple folds. It is an excellent tool to engage visitors and get quick feedbacks. When you post articles, your visitors know that they are visiting a current website with latest information and they get a chance to express their thoughts on the topic also. Regular blogging can help you build a solid network and improve your SEO rankings tremendously.

Google Analytics

There is a reason we offer google analytics in all our packages. Its simple, we want your online existence to be a tremendous success. Google analytics gives you the edge from a commercial aspect of your website. Everything is based on actual facts. You keep track of your visitors, how they are getting on your website, what pages they are visiting, what they like and if they are doing what you want them to do on your website. Google analytics not only provides you with traffic results from google search, it also gives you data from MSN and Yahoo search. The best part… you can use google analytics to fine tune your website based on your real results on a daily basis.

SEO Starter

Optimizing your website to the best search engine practices is vital to your website ranking. When we deploy the WordPress content management tool, we also integrate the Yoast SEO plugin, which is very stable and ready to use. We will also change your permalink structure to cater to the best SEO practices. If needed, we would be delighted to review your website for SEO purposes and provide you with a tailor made solution that improves your website ranking. We can also provide you with simple SEO techniques to assist you with your SEO needs.

Events Calendar

Having a calendar on your website is a very convenient way of letting your visitors know that they are on an up to date website. Post up-coming events on your calendar to keep the visitors informed. This leads to repeat visitors.

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